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Aller à Directions to the Amrit Ceremony ‎: -The Sikh Religion by M.A. Macauliffe, V-5, p.94. The ceremony is to be conducted in any quiet and convenient

The Amrit ceremony (baptism) is held in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib. Five baptized Sikhs known for their piety are called Panj Pyaras,

16 Nov 2006 On April 13th in most Sikh Gurdwaras a special ceremony takes place as a reminder of this special first Amrit Ceremony .

29 Jul 2002 Sikhs who have been through the Amrit Ceremony of initiation become baptised Sikhs , take new names, and wear the 5 Ks.

The first Amrit Ceremony took place in India in 1699 when Guru Gobind Singh asked a gathering of Sikhs who was prepared to die for God.

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