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Curtain Hooks . Colly Brook Online | Curtain Making Supplies | Curtain Hooks Rufflette Deep Pleat tape hooks DP44 short neck Microflex sew-in pinch pleat hooks ยท Microflex sew-in pinch pleat hooks

12 Dec 2007 I have just bought my first ever pinch pleat curtains , got them home Where the pleats come together like a seam there is a way to slide the

75mm Microflex Pinch Pleat Hooks for curtain without heading tape. Sold in Quantities of 1 Curtain Hooks for pinch pleat and pocket tape curtains .

Interior decorating curtain and drapery, french pleat , pinch pleat or They require a specific pleater curtain hook to hold the pleats in place and

22 Jun 2009 Pinch pleat curtains are usually hung with pin hooks . These pins slide into the pleated area at the top of the curtain and allow the fabric

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