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Request: Cleaning Mold and Mildew from the Shower (09/24/2009) We have one of those showers that are separate from the tub. There is a gummy glue ( Caulking )

We built a brand-new home, and within six months I am facing severe mildew on my shower caulk . I try to keep place dry but we have 3 young kids so the

12 Dec 2008 Caulk that turns black from mildew really readily dry tub and shower surfaces. You want the mildew to die of thirst!

The room has good air circulation: the shower is open at the top. Is there any caulk that will not allow mildew to grow in or under it?

The white caulking lining at the bottom of my walk-in shower , Check the label on the tube of caulk for the word mildew -proof, not just resistant.

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