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TIP: Grouting porous tiles like slate, marble or terra cotta may leave grout in the tile causing it to look foggy and dull. To prevent this, seal the tile

He a leaves one-sixteenth-inch gap between each tile (about the width of his trowel), and will finish the job with a white grout . The marble tile in this

Following the Manufacturers curing of the grout a sealer was selected for the marble tile and grout . In this case a penetrating sealer from Aquamix was used

Unsanded grout is used where the gaps are very thin and where the tile is soft, such as marble . The sand would probably scratch the polished face of marble

marble tile , non sanded grout , tile grouting : Hello, and thank you for contacting The Grout Dye Company in NY Generally polished 12x12 Marble is installed

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