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Here's how to make your own self-striping sock yarn with Kool - aid dye . . I got some unbeleivable shades of purple while dyeing yarn with kool - aid this

12 Jul 2004 You can dye either unspun fiber or spun yarn (handspun or commercial). The process below is for basic Kool - Aid dyeing .

BTW, I just read a great idea for dyeing balls of wool with Kool - Aid . Use a loosely wrapped ball of yarn , e.g. using a ball winder. Put a packet of Kool - Aid

Step by step instructions for dyeing wool with Kool - Aid .

Kool - Aid dyeing works only on animal fibers: wool, mohair, alpaca -- even human hair! It doesn't work on cotton or synthetics, though, so use pure wool yarn

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